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At filmmate, we provide residential or commercial window tinting services wherever you are in the Auckland.We offer lots range of window films from 3M and other leading brands to make sure you get what you need. and each member of our team is trained, skilled, and experienced at applying window tints to any type of window.

To find out more about our residential or commercial window tinting, and to get a free, no-obligation quote, please get in touch. We can also give you expert advice on the best tint solution for your needs, and we can show you samples. Call us today on 021 179 1454.

We offer a range of window film solutions from the world’s leading suppliers. This includes solutions that offer the following advantages:

Improved energy efficiency – many of the solutions we offer are highly effective at improving the energy efficiency of your windows. This provides a more cost-effective and less disruptive alternative to replacing windows while offering the same energy consumption savings.
Improve comfort – the sun coming through windows in the summer can make internal spaces uncomfortable for employees and/or customers. The solution is often to close blinds or curtains to keep the sun out but there is a better alternative. Our window film solutions let light in while controlling heat.
Control glare – strong sunshine can also make it difficult for employees to see screens. We have a number of options available that significantly reduce glare without reducing natural light.
Improve safety and security – you can get window films that hold glass in place, even when it is cracked. This can help prevent glass from shattering plus it acts as a barrier to stop intruders or shoplifters.
Prevent vandalism – most of the window films we supply are fitted on the inside of your windows but we have anti-vandalism options that we install on the outside. This makes graffiti, scratches, and marks easy and cost-effective to remove as you simply replace the film.
Add decorative effects – we offer transparent and decorative commercial window films so you can get the look you want to achieve at minimal expense.


Front Brakes Repair $49.95
Rear Brakes Repair $59.95
Rear Brakes Shoes $65.25
Axle $149.95 Each
Starters / Alternators $225.95 Plus Parts

Benefits of Window Tinting

We have years of experience with residential home window tinting, we’re dedicated to providing the very best customer service and perfect results every time.

  • Protect the interior of your house
  • Guard your privacy
  • Improve your home’s safety
  • Window tinting reduces costs
  • Make your home more attractive
  • Reduce glare
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